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Peter Post set out on his professional career by training to become a toolmaker.

He then studied General Mechanical Engineering at the University of Siegen, where he became a Doctor of Engineering at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Control Technology. Since 1989, he has been active in various research and development functions at Festo AG & Co. KG in Esslingen, currently as Head of Applied Research. He received the German Future Prize of the Federal President for his work in developing the Bionic Handling Assistant. The 57-year-old engineer is also active in various networks and clusters of production-related industrial research, including regional (e.g. microTEC Südwest), nationwide (e.g. “Plattform Industrie 4.0”) and European networks (Manufuture, EFFRA). Mr. Post was appointed to the German Council of Science and Humanities, on the joint recommendation of the German Federal Government and the state governments in January 2017.