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Paths of Innovation

from the presente to the future

Watch here a series that immerses you in the ecosystems of five countries, showing different economic and cultural backgrounds and illustrating how innovation and the prioritization of science, technology and education can transform the reality of nations.

Institutional Opening

CNI/MEI´s manifest on the central role of RD&I for the development of Brazil

Keynote Speaker: Innovation and automation as strategy

Session 1 - Paths toward a more innovative country

Keynote speaker: The future of innovation and disruptive technologies

Session 2 - Innovation as the main strategy of sustainability

Trend - Culture as key for innovation and social change

Session 3 - Disruptive technologies, ethics and regulation: impasses between the speed of innovation and regulatory activity

Trend - Diversity and inclusion as innovation drivers

Session 4 - Professionals for a new economy

Session 5 - The impact of innovative health strategies on countries' economic performance

Session 6 - 5G: Infrastructure for innovation and digitalization in the industry

Session 7 - Quantum computing: impacts on market

Session 8 - The present and the future of the Artificial Inteligence

Keynote speaker: Public policies, innovation and competitiveness - in search of the missing link with work

Session 9 - How technology has been' transforming health

Keynote speaker: “Innovation and Sustainability: the strategic tranformation of 3M"

Trend - Unlocking the value of innovation

Session 10 - Energy transition and low carbon economy: the agenda for the 21st century

Trend - Innovation Public Procurement Platform

Session 11 - The essentials of open innovation corporate strategies

Keynote speaker: Innovation in life sciences: digital transformation of drug discovery

Trend - The new frontier of mobility

Session 12 - Innovation as the main strategy of development

Megatrends in Innovation

Technology Hubs: what's new in Brazil

The innovation opportunities in sustainability and resilience

RD&I assets of high transformational potential

Bioeconomy: what do we have to offer to the world?

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Technology on the table: the future of food

STEAM education and innovation in Brazil: successful cases

Open-innovation as competitive strategy: CNI + SOSA partnership

Opportunities from FINEP to support innovation

Innovation and female entrepreneurship in Brazil

Digital transformation in practice: ventures founded on new management bases

The impact of digital technologies on the future of work

Industrial Internet of the things: How Artificial Intelligence helps improving the General Effectiveness of Equipment in Automation

Technology-based entrepreneurship in times of crisis

Innovation Ecosystems at the frontier of knowledge

Innovation Ecosystems at the Frontier of Knowledge

People-centric Innovation

CNPq: from research to innovation

Conexions in complex data speed innovation (featuring a case study in repurposing therapeutics for COVID - 19

How Petrobras is expanding its participation in the innovation ecosystem through the Startup law

Bilateral cooperation opportunities - Brazil x Switzerland

Bilateral cooperation opportunities - Brazil x Finland

Bilateral cooperation opportunities - Brazil x Netherlands

Bilateral cooperation opportunities - Brazil x Asia Pacific


Adam R. Sandford

Director, Life Sciences Products, CAS LinkedIn

Ana Inoue

Superintendent, Itaú Work and Education Branch, Itaú Foundation LinkedIn

André Godoy

Director of Administration, FINEP LinkedIn

Andrea Fodor

Head Large Enterprise, Amazon Web Services LinkedIn

Andrés Sammartino

Latin America Head for the Chemical and O&G Industries, Rockwell Automation LinkedIn

Anna Ascani

Undersecretary of State at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development LinkedIn

Antonio Lacerda

Senior Vice-President, BASF LinkedIn

Bruno Flach

Director, IBM Research LinkedIn

Bruno Quick

Technical Director, National SEBRAE LinkedIn

Carlos Gadelha

Coordinator of the Center for Strategic Studies, Fiocruz Antonio Ivo de Carvalho LinkedIn

Carlos Humberto

CEO, Diáspora Black LinkedIn

Cyril Perducat

VP and Chief Technology at Rockwell Automation LinkedIn

Dan Leibfried

Director of Innovation, John Deere LATAM LinkedIn

Dani Rodrik

Professor of International Political Economy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government LinkedIn

Deborah L. Wince-Smith

President & CEO, Council on Competitiveness (CoC) LinkedIn

Décio da Silva

Chairman, WEG LinkedIn

Denise Hills

Sustainability Director, Natura&Co Latam LinkedIn

Dennis Herszkowicz


Eduardo Diogo

CFO/CAO, National SEBRAE LinkedIn

Edvaldo Santos

Director of Research, Development and Innovation, Ericsson LinkedIn

Feliciano Aldazábal

Director of Innovation, FI Group LinkedIn

Fernando Bertolucci

Executive Director of Technology and Innovation, Suzano LinkedIn

Francisco Scroffa

Country Manager Brasil, Enel X LinkedIn

Gianna Sagazio

Director of Innovation, CNI LinkedIn

Gilberto Peralta

President, Airbus Brazil; Chairman of the Board, Helibrás LinkedIn

Gui Arruda

CEO, VG Resíduos LinkedIn

Gustavo Leal

Director of Operations, SENAI/DN LinkedIn

Horácio Piva

Member of the Board of Administration, Klabin LinkedIn

Jayshree Seth

Chief of Scientific Advocacy of 3M LinkedIn

Jefferson Araujo

CEO, Showkase LinkedIn

Jorge Melguizo

Journalist and former Culture and Development Secretary of the City of Medellín, Colombia LinkedIn

Lucas Assis

CEO, Syncar Autonomous LinkedIn

Luís Carlos Affonso

Senior Vice-President of Engeneering, Technological Development and Corporate Strategy, Embraer LinkedIn

Luiz Davidovich

President, Brazilian Science Academy LinkedIn

Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira

Senior Manager of Digital Transformation, NIDEC LinkedIn

Malu Nachreiner

CEO, Bayer Brazil LinkedIn

Marcelo Braga

President & Technology Leader, IBM Brazil LinkedIn

Marco Stefanini

Global CEO, Stefanini LinkedIn

Marina Willisch

Vice President of Public Affairs, Communications and ESG, GM South America LinkedIn

Nina da Hora

Scientist, Member of the Tik Tok Security Council and Columnist for Folha de S. Paulo LinkedIn

Pablo Fava

CEO, Siemens Brazil LinkedIn

Paulo Curado

President of CPQD and of the Embrapii/AI Network LinkedIn

Paulo Mól

Director of Operations, SESI/DN LinkedIn

Pedro Passos

Member of Natura's Board LinkedIn

Pedro Wongtschowski

President of Ultrapar´s Board of Administration LinkedIn

Plínio Targa

CEO, Brain4Care LinkedIn

Rafael Lucchesi

Director of Education and Technology, CNI; Superintendent Director, SESI/DN; General Director, SENAI/DN LinkedIn

Ray O. Johnson

CEO at Technology Innovation Institute LinkedIn

Reginaldo Arcuri

Executive President, FarmaBrasil Group LinkedIn

Ricardo Pelegrini

CEO & Co-Founder, Quantum4 Innovation Solutions LinkedIn

Roberto Honorato

Airworthiness Superintendent, Specialist in Civil Aviation Regulation, National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) LinkedIn

Rodrigo Dienstmann

CEO LATAM South, Ericsson LinkedIn

Rogério Boros

Healthcare Industry Director, Microsoft LinkedIn

Sally Morton

Executive Vice President, Arizona State University LinkedIn

Tânia Cosentino

CEO, Microsoft Brazil LinkedIn

Thomas Rockwell

Creative Director, Exploratorium Museum of San Francisco LinkedIn

Uzi Scheffer

CEO, SOSA LinkedIn



A new exclusive experience for the online public of the 9th innovation summit. You will be able to walk on the 3D space, and enjoy it as you like it.


Our platform allows setting up one-on-one meetings with participants in the event, in real time.

Main stage

Participate online of the lectures at the presencial arena, transmitted live from the WTC, in São Paulo.


Here you meet the rising Brazilian startups.

Innovation Movies

Watch the 5-episode documental series produced for the Summit, featuring the innovation ecosystems of Brazil, United States, Germany, Israel and Italy.

Lounge CNI/MEI

Participate in the online workshops on Innovation Ecosystems of China, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Israel and the Netherlands.

Innovation ecosystems

Stroll along the technology exposition and see up close the edge of world technology.

Lounge SENAI

Prepared for the virtual participant to know a little about the actions carried out by SENAI. Direct interaction with organizers via chat.

Lounge SESI

Prepared for the virtual participant to know a little about the actions carried out by SESI. Direct interaction with organizers via chat.

Lounge IEL

Prepared for the virtual participant to know a little about the actions carried out by IEL. Direct interaction with organizers via chat.

Lounge Sebrae

Activites run by Sebrae such as talks, mentoring, demo sessions and business rounds.

In person arena

Exclusive space for guests only, set ut pa WTC Center, in São Paulo. Limited to 1.000 people, according to current sanitary protocols.

Where the main lectures are held featuring major names from Brazil and the world.

Lounges of directors and codirectors (CNI, SESI, SENAI, IEL e Sebrae). Spaces for hold a workshops and private sessions.

Lounge for meetings one-on-one scheduled via virtual platform (matchmaking functionality).

Studio for recording interviews, booths for recording testimonials, others to be planned with supporters and sponsors.

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