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9th Brazilian
Industry Innovation

steve wozniak dia 20/10/2021

Launch event

Online transmission available for all those enrolled. Secure your participation in the launching of the 9th Edition of biggest Industry Innovation Summit in Latin America. Five continents gathered to speak on how innovation united the world after the COVID-19 pandemic and its challenges. Closing presentation with co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, on the "Future of Innovation". Sign up now for free!!


  • 09h00 - 09h20
  • Institutional Opening

  • Robson Andrade

    Robson Andrade

    President CNI
  • 09h25 - 09h55
  • Panel 1:

    The Brazil that Competes Globally

    Daniel Moczydlower
    Daniel Moczydlower
    CEO of Embraer-X
  • Pedro Wongtschowski

    Pedro Wongtschowski

    President of the Administration Board of Ultra Group
    Horácio Lafer Piva

    Horácio Lafer Piva

    Memer of the Administration Board of Klabin
  • Pedro Passos

    Pedro Passos

    Cofounder of Natura
    Fernanda Checchinato

    Fernanda Checchinato

    CEO and Research Director at Aya Tech
  • 10h00 - 11h20
  • Panel 2:

    Innovation that unites the world: perspectives from each continent

    Gianna Sagazio
    Gianna Sagazio
    Innovation Director CNI
  • Carlos Lopes

    Carlos Lopes

    Representative of the African Union
    Morgan Doyle

    Morgan Doyle

    Representative to Brazil of the Interamerican Development Bank (BID)
  • Dirk Pilat

    Dirk Pilat

    Deputy of the Science, Technology and Inovation Directory at OECD
    Matthew Bellgard

    Matthew Bellgard

    Queensland University of Technology (Apec - Life Science Innovation Forum)
  • 11h25 - 12h05
  • Keynote:

    From Apple foundation to the future of innovation

  • Steve Wozniak

    Co-founder of Apple
  • 12h10 - 12h20
  • Closure

A summit like no other is on the way

For the first time ever, a hybrid Summit on Innovation, from March 9 to 10, 2022, with in-person and virtual schedule for more than 10 thousand people all over the country.

janelas de luz em degradê roxo e laranja

In-Person Room

With exclusive schedule, distributed across several sites in the arena assembled at the WTC Events Center in São Paulo, the event will follow the health protocols with participation limited to guests.

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Where the main lectures are held featuring major names from Brazil and the world.

Lounges of directors and codirectors (CNI, SESI, SENAI, IEL e Sebrae). Spaces for hold a workshops and private sessions.

Technology and innovation exhibition set up in partnership with event sponsors and supporters.

Lounge for meetings one-on-one scheduled via virtual platform (matchmaking functionality).

Studio for recording interviews, booths for recording testimonials, others to be planned with supporters and sponsors.

Channel 1

live broadcast of the event’s main stage

Channel 2

exclusive sessions with guests and workshops organized by the CNI, SESI,SENAI and IEL teams

Channel 3

lives, contents and lots of interactivity offered by Sebrae. Chat and networking for entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, investors and the whole ecosystem



Simultaneous content in six different channels. Sign up and receive alerts every time an activity of your interest is about to begin!

Channel 4

virtual immersions in innovation ecosystems in Brazil, Israel, Italy, the United States and Germany, in addition to workshops with partners from China, Finland, Switzerland, and much more

Channel 5

activities arranged by the event sponsors

Channel 6

virtual tour around the technology exhibition in the in-person arena

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