The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) is a private entity that promotes competitivity and the sustainable development of micro and small enterprises – those with annual gross revenue of up to R$ 4,8 million (US$ 1,24 million).

For over 46 years, Sebrae acts focusing on entrepreneurship empowerment and leverage of the business environment for individual microentrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, by reducing bureaucracy burdens and developing the economy, partnering with public and private sectors, encouraging the Micro and Small Enterprises General Act’s effectiveness, implementing development policies and capacity programmes, access to credit and innovation and promoting productive chaining and associationism incentives, business fairs and roundtables.

Solutions developed by Sebrae aim every kind of entrepreneur, from those that intends to open their first business to small business that are already well stablished and are searching for a new market positioning.

To guarantee service to small business, Sebrae is present at every corner of the country. Where there is Brazil, there is Sebrae. Beyond the National Headquarters in Brasilia, the institution holds over 800 service facilities across the 27 Federal States, where there are courses, seminars, consulting and technical assistance offered to small business from all sectors.

To discover more, please browse the website or make a phone call to Sebrae’s Customer Service for free at: 0800 570 0800.

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The National Confederation of Industry (CNI) - Brazil is the organization that represents the Brazilian industry. As the highest body in the employers’ union system of industry, it has defended the interests of domestic industry since its founding in 1938, working in coordination with the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government as well as with several entities and organizations in Brazil and abroad.

CNI represents 27 federations of industries and 1,250 employer unions, to which almost 700,000 industries are affiliated. It directly manages the Social Service of Industry (SESI), the National Services for Industrial Learning (SENAI) and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL). Together with CNI, these institutions form the Industry System, which also brings together state industry federations and employer unions.

Since its founding, CNI has played a leading role in Brazilian society by promoting debate and building consensus around major national issues, particularly those that impact the performance of the Brazilian industry and economy.

A major voice in the national stage, CNI, which is headquartered in Brasília and has a representative office in São Paulo, holds discussions and makes suggestions to develop and improve public policies and laws focused on strengthening the productive sector and modernizing the country.

CNI also fosters research, innovation and technological development in the domestic industry. Furthermore, it carries out programs and supports initiatives designed to improve the standing, social status, and professional training of workers around the country.

These actions are based on studies and technical research, as well as on consultations and ongoing discussions with industrial federations and unions, sectorial national associations, forums and business councils.

Saiba mais: www.portaldaindustria.combr/cni